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February 11 2016


Top 5 Ways to Detect Cell phone Spyware

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Recent advances in communications technology has made possible the spying of the mobile phone without its owner knowing that someone is tapping or tracking his or her phone. With sophisticated technology which has brought about undetectable spy software, how can you determine if someone is eavesdropping on your own mobile phone?

The following are the factors to be considered when you are in doubt as to whether your phone has tracked or not:

1) Has Someone Borrowed Your Phone?

Physical access could be the only way for anyone to set up spy software in your phone. It takes only a short while to have most spyware placed on a mobile phone, so if you have let anyone borrow yours for reasons including making a call to downloading a fresh ringtone or game, it's certain that your phone is a risk. However, you will find let anyone gain access to your phone, you'll be able to be sure that you are safe from cellphone spyware.

2) Sudden Rise in Mobile Phone Bills

A unique increase of amount with your phone bill can be an indicator of a spyware being previously installed in your system. How so? Spyware applications transfers recorded data through connections for example GPRS. This translates to a rapid increase in your bill especially if you don't usually use your phone for browsing the world wide web. A sudden increase in your bill as a result of unusual data traffic, therefore, can be considered as indicative of a spyware being within your phone.

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3) Sudden Decrease in Phone Standby or Talk Time

If your phone has been doing badly in terms of standby or talk time for no apparent reason at all, it could be another symbol of spying software. The real reason for this is that spywares continuously run in the background to collect data at regular intervals. It then uploads the data it has recorded such as incoming and outgoing sms, call events, and GPS locations into a secured remote server for viewing by the owner who installed the software. That person in question may then have access to logs and exactly what is recorded on your phone. Of course, the data transmission out of your phone to the server consumes plenty of energy, which you experience being a sudden drop in your battery life, resulting in a lower than usual standby and talk-time.

4) Difficulties in Turn off

Because a spyware application continuously runs in the shadows, it can cause a problem if you are trying to shut down. This means, it can make your phone unresponsive to close down operation. It is just like trying to shut down your personal computer but it doesn't respond want . program is still running, making Windows unresponsive on the shut down command. It does not take very same thing that occurs when a spyware has become installed on your phone.

5) Web Icons

Mobile phone spywares transfer data to servers with an internet connection. Most mobile phones display an icon to suggest that an internet connection is taken place, so if you notice that your phone is flashing a web site connection icon even when you are not doing any web surfing activity from your phone, then it a good sign a spyware is operating on your phone.

So how is it possible to avert the risk a spyware poses when you are sure that your phone has indeed been installed by using it? The only way is by treatment of software from your phone, which is often done by having its main system reinstalled at the place in which you bought it. The list above considers just the most common signs of a spyware operating in your phone. This means that since individuals uses mobiles in several different ways, one is not 100% certain whether a spyware may be installed or not on their phones. So the best method of avoiding this is by taking careful attention, making sure that nobody has access to your phone at all times. One way to do this is by locking your phone having a user PIN, besides tightly watching it for any unusual behavior.

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